Retreat Fabric

"Walk on the Wild Side"

Betty Fiser, Miranda Sterling, Kay Mack 3rd place,

Betty Blumenstein 2nd place, Cathy Smalley 1st place.

2021 AQS

The 2021 AQS Challenge was cancelled do to the pandemic. We held the challenge in January 2022 to recognized those who had already completed the challenge.

Debbie Green 2nd place, Miriam Johns 1st place


How many masks did you make?

1st place Cathy Smalley 685; 2nd place Kay Mack 300;

Janet Roll 150

Thanks ladies for your contribution!

2020 January Retreat

"Reach For The Stars"


1st place              2nd place               3rd place

Dwight Hansen      Arlene Derringer    Miranda Sterling

2019 July Retreat

"Christmas in July"


1st place: Kathy Vermillion       2nd Place: Arlene Derringer

2019 AQS Challenge

"Beyond the Garden Gate"

WCOQG placed 4th, Honorable Mention,

Congratulations ladies!

Congratulations to those chosen for

AQS and Sauder Village!

Kathy Vermillion, Karen Imwalle, Cathy Smalley, Deb Green

Janet Nelson, Miriam Johns, Linda Patton, Carol Schlosser

1st Place            2nd Place       3rd Place

Deb Green      Linda Patton    Kathy Vermillion

2019 Retreat Fabric Challenge

Wow, what was wrong with the photographer?

She needs to wear her glasses when she takes pictures. Sorry ladies.  


1st place                   2nd Place               3rd Place

                              Cathy Smalley            Janet Roll             Kay Mack

2019 Retreat Challenge



1st place                 2nd place                 3rd Place

Sandy Harmon      Bonnie Hansen    Jackie Mesick


2018 Year Long Challenge

Make a pillowcase for children in the pediatric units at Lima Memorial and St. Rita's Hospitals.

A total of 732 pillow cases were donated!

Cozy Cabin-167, Sew Blessed-82, Calio Cutups-53, Independents- 50

Elaine Fisher-60, Kay Borchers-56, Kate Wilson/Kris DeVita-40

2018 Oct. Library Book Challenge

For this challenge, members checked out a book from the

Guild library and made something from the book.


1st Place                    2nd Place                           3rd Place

Kellie Salsbury            Carol Schlosser                  Miriam Johns

2018 Spring Banquet Challenge

Happiness is Only a Cupcake Away!


Maggie Schief        Lesa Hockman    Betty Blumenstein

1st place                2nd Place               3rd Place

2018 Retreat Fabric Challenge


1st place Maggie Schief


tied for 2nd Grace Bailey, Kathy Vermillion, Janet McClintock


tied for 3rd place Kay Mack, Karla Stiverson

2018 Retreat Winners

"Undersea Adventure"

Back row: Mary Payne 2nd place, Kay Mack 3rd place

Middle row: Janet McClintock, Mary Ruda, Karen Imwalle 1st place

Front row: Maggie Schief

2017 Quilt Show winners


              Carolyn Owens         Kathy Vermillion    Carol Kill              

       large quilt                      small quilt                 Misc.                      


2017 AQS winners


Arlene Derenger, Carol Ginter, Kathy Vermillion,

Rebecca Barber, Mary Payne, Debbie Green, Carol Schlosser

2017 Retreat Challenge


1st place Dewight Hansen       2nd Place Carol Ginter

2016 Mentor Program

We challenged our members to attend a Mentor Program and teach people how to quilt.  We had a blast!  Here's pics of the results.

2016 Quilt Show Winners

Large Quilt: Deb Green      Miscellaneous:  Jane Crites      Small Quilts: Bambi Markham


2016 AQS Winners

Each quilt must contain a fabric

supplied to the quilter.

1st Place Deb Green      2nd place Kathy Vermillion     3rd place Carolyn Owens   &  Mary Payne

Arlene Derringer                   Linda Patton                        Grace Bailey                Sharon Moore


2016 Retreat Fabric Challenge

Marilyn MClain (tied for 3rd) , Kathy Vermillion (1st place), Betty Edwards, Janet Messick, Karla Stiverson (2nd place), Kaye Seese (tied for 3rd place), Janet McClintock


2015 Mystery Quilt Challenge

2nd place Connie Rode, 3rd place Marilyn Mclain, 1st Place Diane Benroth


2016 Retreat Challenge

Where in the world do you want to travel?

3rd place: Mary Payne 2nd place: Janet McClintock 1st Place Kaye Seese

2015 Quilt Show

People's Choice

Show Favorite - Kaye Seese

Large Quilts:

1st Carolyn Owens          2nd Mary Ruda                     3rd Carolyn Owens


Small Quilts:

     1st Kathy Vermillion        2nd Bambi Markham                      3rd Kellie Salsbury



1st Kellie Salsbury                      2nd Kathy Vermillion                   3rd Marilyn McLain    



Juried Winners

Large Quilts

Hand Quilted  

1st Mary Payne                                                           2nd Kay Wellman


Machine Quilted - Professional/Computerized Quilt

                   1st Elaine Fisher          2nd Marilyn McLain            3rd  Mary Ruda



Machine Quilted - Non-Professional or Computerized

                                             1st Carolyn Owens                                  2nd Carolyn Owens                               3rd Kellie Salsbury


Small Quilts

Hand Quilted

1st Kaye Seese                                         2nd Deb Green                                  3rd Place Kaye Seese



Professionally/Computerized Quilted

      1st   Janet Roll                                 2nd Jane Krites                                      3rd  Rebecca Barber


Non-professional/computerized Quilted

 1st Kathy Vermillion                   2nd Marilyn McLain              3rd Place Deb Green                


2015 Spring Banquet

"Spring Banquet" Challenge


                            1st place                             2nd place                                3rd place

                            Barbara Blackburn           Betty Edwards                      Carolyn Owens


2015 Retreat Fabric Challenge "Busy Bee"


1st Place -Carol Schlosser

(displayed by Rebecca Barber)

2nd Place - Kathy Vermillion
3rd Place - Grace Bailey




2014/2015 "3 B's in a Bag"


1st Place Kathy Vermillion
2nd Place Carol Kill
3rd Place Bonnie Hanson


2015  Retreat Challenge

"Adventures Beyond the Garden"


1st Place Carol Owens 2nd Place Carol Schlosser 3rd Place Kellie Salsbury


2014 Spring Banquet Challenge

"Ships Ahoy!"


1st place  Carol Schlosser                      2nd place Jackie Messick                  3rd Place Barbara Blackburn 

2014 Retreat Challenge


 1st place               2nd place            3rd place       Honorable Mention

Carol Schlosser          Kathy Vermillion             Jean Weaver             Mary Bonnell                                                         

2013 Mason NICU Challenge

General Git 'R Dun Awarded the Medal of Honor to those who donated 176 quilts for Nationwide Children's Hospital

Top awards were given to Carol Schlosser, Kaye Seese and Kay Broachers for donating the most quilts to this worth while cause. 

2013Fall Challenge

"Games People Play"

Kathy Vermillion 1st; Elva Shepherd 2nd

2013 Spring Banquet Challenge

"Dog Days Of Summer"


               Barbara Blackburn 1st                             Carol Kill 2nd                         Karen Imwalle 3rd


March 2013 AQS Challenge Winners

"Hidden in Plain Sight"

2013 January Challenge



                    1st Place Janet Rego                      2nd Place Kathy Vermillion              3rd Place Carol Schlosser



2013 Retreat Challenge

South of the Boarder Crazy Quilt Wall Hanging

                                  Carol Ginter - 3rd place, Janet McClintock - 1st place,

                                  Pam McKanna -4th place, Karen Imwalle - 2nd place